Monday, February 2, 2009

About Pablo

Mention the name Picasso and visions of nearly undecipherable Cubist works and awkwardly abstract, almost nonsensical figures may immediately flood your imagination. You know they are masterpieces, because they were created by Picasso, even though you don't know exactly why. Some of his abstracts look almost naively simplistic-you're pretty confident you could do just as well. But there was genius behind those deceptively simple works, and rigorous training deeply rooted in the basic foundation of drawing. Throughout his career his work was based on remarkable drawing skills and a keen understanding of color. He could paint remarkably realistic figures-so unlike what we automatically think of when we hear his name. It's understood that you can't abstract the human figure in a polished, believable manner until you master the human form itself. Picasso mastered the human form a thousand times over. You can see the genius of his draughtsmanship even in the most simplistic, abstracted paintings. So I invite you to rediscover a Picasso you may not be all that familiar with. Focus on his work from his Blue and Rose Periods, and his harlequin and acrobat pieces. They exude grace and life.

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